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How do I?

How do I search for music in the Cornell University Library Classic Catalog?

Use our guide to searching the Cornell University Library Classic Catalog.

I just want to browse in the library stacks. How do I get started?

M: music scores (circulating scores are shelved on the second floor of the Music Library)


Piano Music

Piano Sonatas: M 23

Piano Pieces (Nocturnes, etc.): M 25

Piano Concertos (scores and orchestral reductions for 2nd piano): M 1010

Cadenzas for Piano Concertos: M 1010.5.A-Z (by composer of the concerto)

Additional circulating copies of piano works by Chopin, Liszt, and Mozart shelved upstairs in the complete works section, M 3

String Music

Sonatas for Violin and Piano: M 219

Pieces for Violin and Piano (showpieces, etc.): M 221

Solo Violin Works (without accompaniment): M 42-43

Violin Concertos (full scores and with piano accompaniment): M 1012

Cadenzas for Violin Concertos: M 1012.5.A-Z (by composer of concerto)

Sonatas for Cello and Piano: M 231

Solo Cello Works (without accompaniment): M 52-53

String Quartets (parts): M 451

Wind Music
Sonatas for Wind Instruments and Piano: M 240-271.S5 (first by instrument, then by composer)

Wind Concertos and Cadenzas: M 1020-1032.5 (first by instrument, then by composer)

Vocal Music

Opera: Vocal Scores with piano reduction: M 1503-1503.5

Songs, including arias, solo cantatas, etc., with piano reduction: M 1612

Works for Voice and Piano (Lieder, etc.)- Collections, by composer: M 1620

Works for Voice and Piano- Individual works (cycles, self contained songs): M 1621

Popular Songs (Jazz standards, etc.) for Voice, Piano and Guitar: M 1630.18

Orchestral Scores

Symphonies- Full and Study Scores: M 1001

Overtures (including stand-alone and opera overtures)- Full and Study Scores: M 1004

Full scores and study scores have the same call numbers, but are shelved in different sections

ML: music literature, including music dictionaries, bibliographies, biographies, etc. (shelved on the first floor of the Music Library)

  • ML410: books about composers, shelved alphabetically by composer’s last name
  • ML420: books about performers, shelved alphabetically by performer’s last name
  • ML421: books about performing groups, shelved alphabetically by group

MT: music education materials, analyses, methods (shelved on the second floor of the Music Library)

For a complete overview of the Library of Congress classification system, go to