New Audio Visual Materials

A/V Acquisitions : May-June 2017

Adele. 2015. 25. New York, NY: XL Recordings / Columbia.
Ades, Karina, Lila Rodrigues, Paulo Dantas, DJ Basim, DJ Buiú, and DJ Damente. 2010. Eu, o vinil e o resto do mundo =: Me, the vinyl, and the rest of the world. Third World Newsreel.
Afrobeat Airways. Return Flight to Ghana, 1974-1983. 2. 2013. Frankfurt: Analog Africa.
Aho, Marko. 2016. The Tangible in Music: The Tactile Learning of a Musical Instrument. SEMPRE Studies in the Psychology of Music. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
All Bird’s Children. 1991. Concord, Calif: Concord Jazz.

A/V Acquisitions : March-April 2017

•    21C Han’guk ŭmak p’ŭrojekt’ŭ: 2007 kugak ch’angjakkok kaebal = 21C Korean music project: 2007 promotion of newly-composed Korean traditional music. 2007. Seoul: Universal Music Korea.
•    Ackley, Bruce, Steve Adams, Larry Ochs, Jon Raskin, Gino Robair, and Lawrence Butch Morris. 2016. No Favorites! Brooklyn, NY: New World Records.
•    Aerosmith (Musical group). 1993. Rocks. New York, NY: Columbia.
•    Anderson, Reid, Ethan Iverson, and Dave King. 2014. Inevitable Western. New York, NY: OKeh.

A/V Acquisitions : January-February 2017

An, Hyang-yŏn, and Tŭk-su Kim. 2004a. An Hyang-Yŏn Ŭi Hŭngboga. Hungbo-Ga I by An, Huang-Lyun. 1 =. Sŏul: YBM Sŏul Ŭmban.
———. 2004b. An Hyang-Yŏn Ŭi Hŭngboga. Hungbo-Ga II /. 2 =. Sŏul: YBM Sŏul Ŭmban.
Antony and the Johnsons, Rob Moose, Thomas Bartlett, Erik Heide, and DR UnderholdningsOrkestret. 2012. Cut the World. Sound recording. Bloomington, Ind.: Secretly Canadian.
Antony, Charles Atlas, Gavin Elder, and Åsa Mossberg. 2014. Turning. Bloomington, IN: Secretly Canadian.

A/V Acquisitions : November-December 2016

Boretz, Benjamin, Noel Bush, and Mary Lee Roberts. 1996. Music/Consciousness/Gender. Open Space.
Dufay, Guillaume, Jesse Rodin, Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume Dufay, Guillaume Dufay, and Guillaume Dufay. 2016. Les Messes À Teneur. Liège: Musique En Wallonie.
Eastman, Julius, and Mary Jane Leach. 2016. Femenine. Helsinki: Frozen Reeds Records.
Hastings, Gary. 2003. With Fife & Drum: Music, Memories and Customs of an Irish Tradition. Belfast : Chester Springs, PA: Blackstaff ; U.S. distributor, Dufor Editions.